Freshwater Rental Aquarium

Aquarium Rental

By Aletha Lang

Linda wanted a tank for her office. Well, Linda NEEDED a relaxing aquarium across from her desk in her busy attorney office. She was remodeling her office and was on a budget and gave me a call at Aquarius Aquarium. How could she incorporate an aquarium in her office in an affordable way?

With our Aquarium Rental Program, we installed a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium with colorful african cichlids. Linda pays for the equipment and maintenance on one easy monthly invoice for a worry-free aquarium set-up.

Advantages of an aquarium rental:

  • Minimal upfront cost.
  • Any necessary equipment replacements or upgrades are provided – FREE
  • Need to remove the aquarium? Just arrange with Aquarius Aquarium to pick it up.
  • Simple!

Dream Aquarium

The beginning of your DREAM aquarium like this saltwater reef aquarium complete with living corals, high-intensity lighting and an in-cabinet life support system with built-in chiller we installed for a client in Tulare, CA, begins with a call or an e-mail to Aquarius Aquarium, Inc.

Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. has the decades of experience to guide you through every aspect of your aquarium project. Our specialty is working with you to create a custom aquarium that meets your unique needs and to develop a spectacular conversation piece for your home or office. Our staff works one-on-one with you to establish and refine your ultimate aquarium vision and then we exceed your expectations.

We are experts in coordinating interior designers, architects, contractors, cabinetmakers and electricians. Our interview consultation is the first step toward turning your dream into reality.

Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Pulsing Xenia

Here is a video focused on a living coral growing in one of our client’s brand new coral reef aquariums. Watch how its polyps, like little hands, grab for plankton in the water as hermit crabs busily clean the beautiful purple coralline algae-encrusted Fiji live rock around it.

A Personal Favorite

Adult blueface angel – we had this one for 15 years!

By Aletha Lang

A personal favorite of ours for the saltwater fish-only aquarium is the beautiful blueface angel, Pomacanthus xanthometopon.

Although some individuals may be considered reef safe, blueface angels will most likely eat the polyps of corals and nip at clams and zooanthids. They do best as the showcase fish and do well on commercially prepared food. Those frozen foods that contain sponges and algae are best for their health.

The juvenile blueface looks much different than the adult – both spectacular!