Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. is pleased to work with numerous national and and local commercial clients that delight in offering their customers and guests a living slice of nature in their businesses. Whether freshwater or saltwater display aquariums, multi-tank setups for fish departments, pet shops and restaurants, we understand how quality appearance and attention to detail reflect on your public image.

It is an essential part of our care to be there for you when you have a specific request, concern or need.

Aquarius Aquarium offers:

  • Dedicated, professional aquarists at your service since 1980
  • Experience working on all types of commercial aquarium equipment
  • Experience working with buyers, contractors, architects and interior designers
  • Built-in aquariums, room dividers, free-standing designs
  • Remote filtration and life support systems
  • Custom designs and specialty-shaped aquariums
  • Standard aquariums of any size
  • Computer scheduling – so you’ll know what day we will be there and avoid arriving at an inconvenient time
  • Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, E-O-W and monthly service schedules
  • Emergency and on-call visits
  • Aquarium moves