Fast Food Cylindrical Aquariums

Often, our clients ask us to create aquatic environments that are out-of-the-ordinary. Of course, we install and maintain aquariums of all shapes and sizes, but sometimes people just want tanks that really make a statement.

We designed these twin freshwater seamless cylindrical tanks so they could be viewed from all sides without any visible equipment such as heaters, plumbing or life-support systems. All of those components are neatly hidden in the cabinets under the tanks, which give the appearance of a slice of nature in the middle of this busy food court.

When such extra thought is put into an aquarium installation, we think the results are so much more attractive for the viewer. We are always very pleased when a client agrees!

Terry’s House

We were so pleased that Terry’s House accepted our donation of an acrylic freshwater hexagon aquarium to bring a little slice of nature into their family reading room (see before and after photos above). The tank is stocked with peaceful community fish, which is appropriate since Terry’s House is part of Community Hospital in downtown Fresno.

Terry’s House is a home-away-from-home for families of critically ill patients. Built in 2011 and funded solely on donations, Terry’s House is a place where families can eat, sleep and recharge while waiting to bring their loved one home.

Please join us in supporting Terry’s House today!

Large Beautiful Aquarium

Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. created this 300 gallon saltwater aquarium for our client, Jim, who had a very specific request: “Help me impress my friends with a large tank that also looks like it belongs in my new living room.”

The black lacquer cabinetry was the perfect complement to his many high-tech home decor elements and we knew he would be pleased with the minimal (once-monthly) maintenance required by our utilization of premium Fiji live rock topped with colorful artificial coral replicas requiring much lower lighting levels than living coral. Jim’s aquarium reminds him of his many trips to the Hawaiian Islands and he really enjoys the freedom that our vacation feeding service provides when he is actually vacationing in our 50th state!

Aquarium in Brick

Here is one of our Fresno custom residential installations where we were called upon to built a 100 gallon saltwater aquarium into an unused indoor barbecue!

This job posed some challenges as we were restricted by the small space under the tank, but we were able to design a custom filtration system that squeezed perfectly into the space available. The resulting life support system is more than adequate to handle the bio-load of about a dozen spectacularly-colored coral reef fishes who now call the former barbecue home!

Existing uneven brick construction and ventilation issues were all managed to a beautiful end in a coordinated effort with the client’s contractor and custom cabinetmaker.

We had a lot of fun with this one and enjoy caring for it every month! Contact us today with your aquarium challenge.

Ray Appleton’s Aquarium Feeding Video

KMJ radio talk show host, Ray Appleton, had Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. install a beautiful 100 gallon saltwater aquarium in his Shaver Lake mountain home. We moved two tomato clownfish from a former smaller aquarium we had been maintaining for him in Fresno and added a baby blue spot tang and a pufferfish.

Here is a video of Ray’s new fish eating ravenously just after we acclimated them to aquarium life over the course of three weeks in our Fresno quarantine system. This service is available to clients located in our service area. Contact us today for more information!

Elegant Built-in Aquarium

This breathtaking 300 gallon saltwater aquarium was built into an existing wall in this beautiful Fresno residence. Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. worked with the homeowner’s remodeling contractor and interior design team throughout the project – even making sure the aquarium lights didn’t distract from the nearby plasma television at night. When the room lights are dimmed for movie viewing, the aquarium lights automatically dim as well! All filtration and other equipment are completely hidden from view in a dedicated filter room directly behind the aquarium and accessible through a door from the outside of the house.

Sea stars

By Aletha Lang

People often ask us about the California tide pool touch tank on display during Aquarius Aquarium Institute’s educational outreach programs.

These sea stars and other animals cannot survive in the typical home aquarium and are actually illegal to possess without proper permits.

For more information about the Institute’s educational programs and to request that the animals visit your child’s school or birthday party, please e-mail Aletha Lang or call 559-490-3474.

Freshwater Rental Aquarium

Aquarium Rental

By Aletha Lang

Linda wanted a tank for her office. Well, Linda NEEDED a relaxing aquarium across from her desk in her busy attorney office. She was remodeling her office and was on a budget and gave me a call at Aquarius Aquarium. How could she incorporate an aquarium in her office in an affordable way?

With our Aquarium Rental Program, we installed a 55 gallon freshwater aquarium with colorful african cichlids. Linda pays for the equipment and maintenance on one easy monthly invoice for a worry-free aquarium set-up.

Advantages of an aquarium rental:

  • Minimal upfront cost.
  • Any necessary equipment replacements or upgrades are provided – FREE
  • Need to remove the aquarium? Just arrange with Aquarius Aquarium to pick it up.
  • Simple!

Dream Aquarium

The beginning of your DREAM aquarium like this saltwater reef aquarium complete with living corals, high-intensity lighting and an in-cabinet life support system with built-in chiller we installed for a client in Tulare, CA, begins with a call or an e-mail to Aquarius Aquarium, Inc.

Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. has the decades of experience to guide you through every aspect of your aquarium project. Our specialty is working with you to create a custom aquarium that meets your unique needs and to develop a spectacular conversation piece for your home or office. Our staff works one-on-one with you to establish and refine your ultimate aquarium vision and then we exceed your expectations.

We are experts in coordinating interior designers, architects, contractors, cabinetmakers and electricians. Our interview consultation is the first step toward turning your dream into reality.

Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

Pulsing Xenia

Here is a video focused on a living coral growing in one of our client’s brand new coral reef aquariums. Watch how its polyps, like little hands, grab for plankton in the water as hermit crabs busily clean the beautiful purple coralline algae-encrusted Fiji live rock around it.