Adding a new aquarium to your new home

Colorful 65 gallon freshwater aquarium

by Tom Lang

Your new home comes with many decisions. Will you move your current furniture into your new place or are you looking to create a completely updated feel? Of course, Aquarius Aquarium would love to help you put together a beautiful aquarium!

Many people call us on their cell phones from the pet store to take advantage of our decades of experience when making their very first selections of tank size, filter options, decor and fish. We don’t mind! Let us be your personal consultants. You can then bring everything home with you (except the fish, which come a few days later!) or, if you would rather have us pick up, deliver and install everything for you, just let us know and we’ll provide an estimate via email. We make the whole process fun and easy!

Once the aquarium is filled and allowed to run for a day or two, then the first few fish may be safely added. Again, just like with the aquarium and other items, we are happy to pick up, deliver and acclimate the fish to save you another trip to the pet store.

After everything is up and running for a few more days, we are usually able to deliver more fish! From then on, we’ll work out a schedule with you and come out on a regular monthly basis to keep everything clean and operating at peak performance. If even more fish are added necessitating more frequent cleaning of the aquarium and filter or the fish grow larger (which some tend to do!) over time, we’re available for more visits as you may need.

We look forward to starting a conversation about an aquarium in your new home!