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Aquarius Aquarium has been in business since 1980 because we care for your aquarium like it’s our own - no matter where you bought it. Our aquarists take the stress out of life with beautiful aquariums.

It feels so good to have a well-maintained, clean aquarium with happy, healthy fish as part of your pet family.

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  • Can I buy fish, plants and corals for my aquarium from you?

    We only sell fish, plants and corals to our clients. To ensure they are healthy and acclimated to aquarium life, we quarantine all our livestock for a minimum of two weeks (and often a month or more) before delivery to our client aquariums. Contact us to become a client and click here to read our Fish Policy.

  • How long can an aquarium be left alone while on vacation or away?

    It depends. Some fish can go days without feeding, while others need multiple feeding every day. More complex systems like reef aquariums may be automated, but what happens when high-tech equipment goes dead in a power outage? We provide a vacation feeding service in the Fresno/Clovis metropolitan area. Contact us and we’ll help you estimate how long you may be able to leave your tank alone and what you can do to help minimize risks to the lives of your animals.

  • My tank water is cloudy. What do I do?

    Cloudy water is most often caused by overfeeding, a dead fish somewhere in the aquarium or maybe your aquarium is new and is not yet fully established biologically. If it looks like green pea soup, that’s likely an algae bloom. If you cannot find the reason for your cloudy water, please contact us right away and we’ll help solve the problem!

  • How long should aquarium lights be left on each day?

    Fish and other aquatic animals should have regular periods of light, low light and darkness to live naturally. Too many hours of light, either sunlight through a window or artificial light from light bulbs or LEDs, often lead to excessive algae growth and “dirty” looking aquariums. Reef aquariums and planted tanks require the proper lighting and timing depending on the corals and plants you have. Contact us so we can help you determine what lighting types and duration are best for your particular aquarium.