All-Inclusive Maintenance Service
Since 1980

Tom and Aletha Lang met in the spring of 1980 as 18-year-old students at California State University, Fresno and together began Aquarius Aquarium that summer with one aquarium maintenance client – Medical Dental Pharmacy – which was just a quick hop over the wall behind Tom’s parent’s house (pretty convenient!).

Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tom had previously kept personal aquariums since the 5th grade after his teacher, Mr. Patrick Carr, sold him his first chrome-framed, slate-bottomed ten-gallon freshwater aquarium complete with tetras. He worked at aquarium stores as a teenager and volunteered to assist in establishing the very first aquarium exhibits at the Minnesota Zoo for his Eagle Scout project. After the family moved to Fresno, California, it was Aletha who encouraged the idea of creating a company that would serve its customers with a far more personal, professional and hands-on business model than what was available at the time.

Since starting Aquarius Aquarium, Tom and Aletha have steadily increased their knowledge by keeping up with the latest products and research, participating in online forums, and attending many regional and national aquarium conferences, workshops, and seminars over the years. They have gained extensive experience in designing and coordinating major aquatic exhibit installations with architects, contractors and interior design teams for large commercial clients as well as hundreds of other smaller businesses and private residences. They have become nationally-recognized experts and published authors in the aquarium industry. Tom and Aletha incorporated their company in 1993 and continue to impart their knowledge to the company’s professional staff.

Today, even after hundreds of client installations and thousands of scheduled maintenance visits and fish deliveries for aquariums of all types, shapes and sizes, Aquarius Aquarium Inc.’s philosophy is still all about that personal touch. Whether a free-standing freshwater planted tropical aquarium in an office waiting room filled with beautiful exotic fish or a custom built-in re-creation of a saltwater coral reef in a private residence in cooperation with licensed contractors, our company has the years of expertise necessary to help you acquire (and maintain!) the aquarium of your dreams.

And, by the way, we still have our very first client – Medical Dental Pharmacy – even though they’ve moved a few times since Aletha and Tom first hopped his parent’s wall all those years ago.

Aletha and Tom’s nonprofit work in our community:

Aletha Lang

Aletha is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Aquarius Aquarium Institute, past president and current member of the Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce, vice president and treasurer of Professional Women’s Resource and board member of the Sunnyside Property Owners Association.

Tom Lang

Tom is currently executive director of the nonprofit 501(c)(3) Aquarius Aquarium Institute, CEO of The Breeder’s Registry, has served as an appointed member of the Fresno Council of Governments’ Measure C Citizen Oversight Committee, Chair of the Association for the Beautification of Highway 99 and president and speaker chair for the Catholic Professional and Business Club of Fresno.