Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. does not collect personal information from casual users of this website. If you choose to e-mail us, we will have your e-mail address and any other information you choose to share with us. We do not share this information with any other third parties.

If you choose to become a client and pay invoices sent by us by clicking on a link to pay, check, credit or debit cards, Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. administrators will store such payment information within the secure Intuit Inc. platform (QuickBooks), which will allow you to conduct business with us without needing to furnish such information repeatedly for each and every authorized transaction. These administrators will control and administer details of your account, make decisions about your personal information (such as details about your payment history) or require you to take certain actions to update your information to continue our business relationship. We are not responsible for the privacy or security practices of Intuit Inc., and you should consider both Intuit’s policies and whether you are comfortable enabling Intuit’s access to your information prior to sharing your information with us. Except for the Intuit Inc. platform, our accounting administrators, our CPA firm and our business bank, Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. does not share any client personal or financial information with any other third party unless specifically authorized by the client to do so.