Ahhhh moving can be an exciting adventure – new home, new city, new state! All the possibilities!

Two men lifting an empty aquarium tank

Now, the planning, the stress, the scurry of time limits and deadlines set in and you have your prized aquarium that you think you can’t take with you since you can not even deal with tearing it all apart and transporting it to your new life. Well, there is an answer.

We at Aquarius Aquarium, Inc, understand this emotional and challenging task and we have GREAT news: We move fish tanks – freshwater, saltwater, reef tanks, temperate and tropical, built-ins and free standing – anywhere in the U.S. or we can give you all the information and techniques we have perfected over our decades of experience.

Yes, it’s a complicated task with risks and animal stress, but moving your aquarium and the animals that reside in it is totally possible – wherever life takes you. We can do it all for you or provide a detailed, customized task list so you can do it yourself and avoid the pitfalls that commonly lead to disaster!

Here are the general steps we take:

  • An assessment and inventory is taken.
  • We take aquarium type into consideration: size, glass or acrylic, potential weight, filtration and hosing age, size and number of animals, rock, sand, etc.
  • A strategy and transport plan is developed.
  • We discuss and pre-plan each step of the move.
  • Animal holding and quarantine options are considered*
    *In some cases, where the disassembly, move and reassembly of the the aquarium will involve more time than the fish and animals can be kept comfortably in transport containers, a separate transport and acclimation plan may be created so fish may be housed in appropriate holding tanks to be delivered later.
  • A scheduling calendar is created.
  • Once your move project is evaluated, an estimate of time and materials is customized for the project. If Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. is to perform the work, we work with you to coordinated a mutually agreed upon move day and time. If you are going to do it yourself, the time and materials estimate is a crucial tool so you don’t get caught without the necessary items to complete the move and re-installation.

a yellow fish perched on a leather coral

The priority in any aquarium move is the health of the animals. In this whole process, it is crucial that work is done efficiently and quickly in order to get the animals back into their home tank. With this in mind, part of our assessment process is taking time of year and distance of the move into consideration. Weather plays an important part in all moves – cross-country or around the corner – since temperature and oxygen levels must remain stable during the entire process.

So, if you’re facing the prospect of a tank move, let the professionals handle it for you or plan it out for your unique situation! Don’t take unnecessary risks with your aquatic investment. No matter where you’re located, contact Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. to take the stress out of the process and don’t even think about giving up your favorite fish!