Saltwater Aquariums have a unique appeal.

How can you resist the vibrant colors and personalities of our ocean life? You can’t!

Exploring the possibility of a “saltwater” aquarium is the beginning of a specific journey, believe it or not. You may have Googled saltwater tanks and seen these acronyms: FOWLR, SPS, LPS, NPS, LSS, etc and thought, “I give up” before you even begin.

Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. explains and interprets all that jargon every day and handles all that confusing information you may have stumbled upon that has scared you away from considering having the most gorgeous and inspiring of all aquatic environments in your own home or office. Our passion is helping our clients avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary loss of life.

Some thoughts on a saltwater aquarium to mull over:

It doesn’t have to be big.

It doesn’t need to be scary.

It will be beautiful.

It will inspire you.

Your odds of success and pleasure increase as you cultivate your appreciation of ocean environments, fish and animal behaviors. You will then be prepared to accommodate the vision you see into your space, making sure to dedicate enough room for the aquarium and necessary life support system (LSS).

Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. has been an active player in the saltwater aquarium industry and saltwater fishkeeping for decades and has established ourselves as a leader in cutting-edge fish and coral care, system maintenance and water quality management. We have developed our own aquarium care systems and service routines solely for the purpose of your saltwater aquarium’s long-term success.

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