by Tom Lang

Brian in Los Banos, California (an hour drive northwest of Fresno) decided to order a custom 300 gallon acrylic aquarium online. The first problem he encountered was that trucking companies literally only deliver to the curb. They do not offload or bring large items into homes or offices.

That’s when Brian called us.

We coordinated with the trucking company, sent out our crew and brought our table lifts so we could unload the tank and cabinetry and bring everything into Brian’s house. Once we got it inside, we discovered to his dismay that the width of the custom oak stand and canopy top he had ordered would not fit into the archway between Brian’s bar and living room where he had intended it to be placed.

It turned out that he had failed to consider the width of the cabinet’s moulding around the tank when estimating the measurements on the discounters website. This error would end up costing Brian much more money than he saved by buying the tank and cabinetry online as opposed to buying them through us. We would have not made this error. After hiring a local contractor to modify his home’s archway, move two outlets, relocate wall light switches and add wood strips to mask the imperfect fit, we were finally able to install the aquarium and life support system equipment, fill the tank with live rock and decorative coral and stock it with many happy, healthy saltwater fish.

Needless to say, from this point on, Brian heeded our advice.

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