Visually-appealing, biologically sustainable & easy-to-maintain aquariums

Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. is dedicated to creating aquariums for our clients that are unique, visually-appealing, biologically sustainable and easy-to-maintain over many years.

When you retain us before you order your aquarium tank and life support system components, our team of experts actually saves you time and expense by bringing our years of experience to your aquarium project so you’ll avoid many common pitfalls resulting in complications later on.

We have heard “my cabinetmaker knows what he is doing” and “my contractor has built aquariums into walls before” so many times it makes our heads spin!

As your personal aquarium consultant, we look out for you starting with a comprehensive list of design requirements we can guarantee neither your cabinetmaker or contractor has ever considered.

With Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. as your non-product oriented, fee-based aquarium project manager, you are not locked into any particular equipment or aquatic life supplier (notice there are no ads on this website). This allows us to be totally unbiased in our product and stocking suggestions – giving our clients truly exceptional service and a far better chance of success from the very beginning.

There is a mind-boggling amount of equipment choices for life support systems in the aquarium industry today. If you believe all the marketing hype, you can literally spend thousands of dollars on high-end bells and whistles that may only marginally contribute to the success of your desired ecosystem.

We know what you need, and perhaps more importantly, what you don’t need in order to enjoy a beautiful aquarium in your home or business whether in a brick wall or on your desktop!

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