Oh, the appeal of a saltwater aquarium! Those ocean creatures you have seen snorkeling, scuba diving or even in Disney’s Finding Nemo movie, always attract us with their gorgeous color, their intricate designs…..their mystery.

Understanding that the vast majority of saltwater fish are still sourced from the ocean and not farmed like freshwater fish is a basic beginning to understanding the day-to-day needs of saltwater aquarium animals. First off, it is absolutely essential to select the right Life Support System (LSS) for saltwater fish as these are often different than those used for freshwater. Next, a commitment to consistently providing well-managed water quality with regular aquarium care as well as an appreciation for the territorial habits and nutritional requirements of the various fish and invertebrate communities one can assemble are both critical factors that will greatly influence success or failure.

With our Aquarium Care visits scheduled at least once-a-month, preferably every-other-week or even weekly, service from Aquarius Aquarium allows for expert eyes to evaluate the health of your fish and corals, adjust the aquarium parameters and maintain the LSS for optimum performance. In the long run, our Aquarium Care program will save you thousands of dollars in needless repairs and the heartache of losing fish to preventable circumstances.

Since 1980, Aquarius Aquarium has offered California’s Central San Joaquin Valley comprehensive and professional aquarium care.

Let our Aquarium Care staff ensure that your aquarium is always clean, clear and ready for you and your guests to enjoy! We care for your aquarium like it’s our own!

Here’s what our saltwater aquarium maintenance includes:

Aquarium Care and Consulting for all shapes and sizes of aquariums
(no job is too big or too small!) no matter where you bought it!

Fish Quarantine Service
It takes time to establish a healthy community of fish and it only takes one new fish straight from a pet store or online source to introduce disease that can wipe out your entire aquarium. Don’t risk your pets lives!

Aquarium Care professionals available for emergency visits.
When something goes wrong with your aquarium, it can be life or death. It is such a relief knowing you have your own professional that you can call to advise you or come to you to save the day.

Free delivery of fish food at the time of service.
Customer convenience and account billing.

Filter media included
Save time and money by letting us do the shopping for you!

Water testing and additives
We keeping track of your aquarium’s water quality!

We are experts at servicing all types of saltwater aquariums:

Saltwater fish-only systems are spectacular and aquariums with large groupings of colorful fish require constant care to remain healthy. More fish = more organic waste to deal with!
Living Reef
Living coral and other invertebrate-filled aquariums have a whole different set of care requirements. Don’t get caught in the additive trap! Additives will not replace careful human care.
Coldwater saltwater aquarium have become very popular. You can have these colorful fish and invertebrates in your home or office with our professional Aquarium Care programs.

Free estimates
We come to you to assess your particular needs – at no charge!

The Aquarium Care Professionals at Aquarius Aquarium are dedicated to providing our clients with superior service. In business since 1980, our reputation and years of experience make us uniquely qualified to partner with you so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the aquarium of your dreams.