Stocking your Aquarium with Life

All Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. clients are free to purchase fish from any source, including local fish stores and online sources. As part of our service, we can, upon request, furnish recommended fish lists at no charge to make your shopping easier. Before heading out to the store, however, be sure to read our article on the Pitfalls of Buying Fish from Retail Fish Stores.

If you would prefer to have Aquarius Aquarium, Inc. acquire your fish for you and deliver them to your aquarium, we are happy to do so for our current clients! (There is an additional fish transport, delivery and acclimation charge for this added service.) Please contact our office for our rates.

Our Quarantine Service

For all fish, especially high-value fish such as saltwater species, experts recommend quarantining new arrivals apart from other fish for at least two weeks to ensure they are disease-free, acclimated to aquarium life and trained to eat prepared foods. We offer this exclusive service to all current clients at a nominal charge. During the quarantine period, we not only feed your fish each day, but we also observe their behavior, medicate them if necessary and provide you with periodic updates by email, phone or text message. Please call for our current rates and to reserve one or more of our quarantine tanks. Think of us as the Spa for Fish!

We hope this explains the options available to you when you are ready for more fish in your aquarium and we look forward to providing the level of service that best suits your needs.

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